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Insert pictures in PDF Insert pictures in PDF

With our online PDF editor you can easily insert pictures and photos into your PDF.

Insert logo on all sides Insert logo on all sides

In addition, you can insert a picture as a logo on selected or all sides.

Online PDF Editor Online PDF Editor

LemonPDF is a cloud-based online PDF editor. You can use it anywhere, anytime and completely free to edit your PDF.

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Many file formats support Many file formats support

lemonPDF can convert numerous formats directly into a PDF. You can then edit it as you wish using the online PDF editor.

Compatible Compatible

You can drag images (jpg, png etc.), Word, Excel and Powerpoint files (docx, xlsx, pptx) directly into the uploader and convert them into a common PDF format.

Why Choose Our Free Online PDF Editor?

Add an image to a PDF file

Elevate your PDF by seamlessly adding an image to a single page with our online tool. Whether it's for visual appeal or informational purposes, our feature allows you to customize your document effortlessly. Try it now for a quick and efficient way to enhance your PDF with images!

Edit pages in a PDF

Effortlessly refine your PDF content by editing pages with our online tool. Add, remove, or rearrange pages to tailor your document precisely to your needs. Experience the ease of page editing for a seamless and efficient document customization.

Add an image (e.g. a logo) to all pages in an PDF

Enhance your PDF's branding and visual appeal by effortlessly adding an image, such as a logo, to all pages using our online tool. Streamline your document customization for a consistent and professional presentation.

How can I insert pictures into a PDF?

How can I insert pictures into a PDF?
  1. Use the uploader to open the PDF file in the online PDF editor.
  2. Now select the pages on which you want to insert an image or photo. You can also, for example, insert a logo on all PDF pages at the same time.
  3. You can then edit the PDF file online if necessary.
  4. Download the edited PDF file onto your computer.

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List the pages you want to select.

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Select the interval, that the pages should be splitted.

For example: 3 (for 3 pages per PDF file)